The visually-appealing, easy-to-use companion to your overhead door operator that counts down until your door makes contact with the ground.

Fire Stations and Emergency vehicle access

By utilizing the Door Ally, your teams of responders will no longer need to second guess when the garage bay door is completely open. With high contrast and easy-to-ready messaging, the Door Ally digital display system will work with your existing overhead garage door opener equipment and allow the drivers of emergency vehicles to feel confident in all time-sensitive situations. The Door Ally product is designed to help Firefighters to save time, and most importantly, lives by leaving for the scene of the fire the first second it is safe to do so. This innovative product is simple and easy to install and does not need additional hardwiring or hardware modifications to your existing door operators.

Open up your fire station's garage bay doors in a big way by rolling out a Door Ally display timer. Perfect for use with all types of emergency vehicles, these graphics are customizable for any type of response or fire station. When first responders are in action, the last thing you should be worried about is the length of time a garage door remains open

Install the Door Ally digital display system onto an existing garage door operator. The Door Ally was designed to improve response times for Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) by alerting vehicle operators when it is safe to exit a garage door. This is especially important for larger emergency vehicles such as ladder. Mounting a Door Ally display at eye level with a seated driver in a large emergency vehicle can save vital seconds when responding to a fire emergency.


Condominium garages and Parking ramps

Security for condominium garages is one of the most important factors when parking a vehicle in a shared garage system. The Door Ally system is the perfect security accessory for use in a high traffic, shared garage setting, protecting both the vehicles and the garage door itself. Often times, garage doors can get damaged when drivers enter a closing door unaware that the door has begun to close. Reduce the need for high repair and insurance costs with your overhead garage door systems by incorporating the Door Ally digital display timer.

Our Door Ally digital display system provide a safer way to enter and exit condominiums. Douglass Technologies has developed a precision timing product that displays in seconds how long the overhead door will remain fully open. The Door Ally product enables you to adjust the door fully open time from 3 to 300 seconds to provide a wide range for the door to remain fully open to support a very wide range of operational requirements. The product comes with one or two  bright LED display, mounting brackets and a few wires connected to the UL325 strip of the operator.

Have you ever had your garage door remain open for longer than it needed to be? Digital timers now available provide precise timing control for overhead garage doors! It's a simple and affordable way to keep your condo or parking garage safe, secure and more energy efficient!

The uncertainty of knowing when an open overhead garage door is going to close encourages dangerous and unsafe driving practices in high traffic situations.  By providing an exact countdown predicting when the open door will close will allow safer traffic flow in and out of the building by promoting improved safety and security. Now there is a solution that does just that.

Douglass Technologies Door Ally digital display system provides a visual digital countdown that can be set to automatically shut garage doors at the exact desired moment inside of condominiums or parking garages. The system can be set for door openers to close after an exact period of time, so that vehicle drivers do not accidentally strike a closing door or another vehicle trying to enter or exit the building.

Warehouses and Loading Docks

Door Ally is a digital display system designed for warehouses and truck dock overhead commercial garage doors. The installation is simple and and the setup is straightforward. Door Ally will ensure that your warehouse or loading bay doors remain fully open for exactly as long as you need them to and predict the exact second that they will begin to close. You can adjust the time to close delay to the exact second keeping the warehouse safe, secure and maintaining the desired environment as quickly as you want.

Door Ally’s programmable timers are perfect for industrial applications used in warehouses and loading docks. The Door Ally system is a digital timer used in combination with your existing overhead garage door opener allowing visual monitoring of the time remaining before the door begin to close.

The Door Ally’s digital display product does not require it own power connection and runs entirely off the installed door opener power due to its low voltage design. The Door Ally product consists of two primary parts and is designed for use with most standard garage door openers using single phase 120V power. The timer controller is installed in a standard 5.25 inch x 5.25 inch wall box enclosure. The Display enclosure is mounted in the most visible location for maximum effectiveness. Door Ally is designed with controller voltage protection and fused display circuits.

Door Ally is a patent pending first-of-its-kind digital display system for overhead garage doors in Warehouses, Loading Dock terminals, and other industrial facilities. It's designed to visually inform and educate both drivers and operators the length of time remaining before the fully open door will begin to close, providing improved workplace safety and security.

Car dealerships and Auto Repair shops.

The Door Ally is a digital display system for overhead garage doors. For Auto Repair shops and auto dealerships with vehicle drivers unfamiliar with the overhead door opener operation, it's a new way to make sure that doors do not close on unsuspecting drivers and damage the expensive door, their vehicle or themselves.

The Door Ally is a visual timer display accessory that can be installed onto an existing overhead garage door opener. The Door Ally product aids your clients in eliminating all guesswork out of safely entering and exiting your building and increases your overall customer satisfaction by providing some extra peace of mind on an unhappy day for them.

The Door Ally display uses bold red digits that form numbers and letters and are visible for both outside and inside traffic flow. With both displays installed, it allows your customers to see how long the garage door will be in motion. This is especially convenient when you want your customers to get completely out of the driveway while the garage door is fully open.

Our Door Ally digital display accessory is a simple way to protect your customers from injuries when they drive or walk through an overhead garage door that suddenly begins to close. It’s an ideal way for improving building security, customer and employee safety and reducing building environment costs by alerting customers and employees alike when the overhead door is about to start closing.

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