Door Ally: New and Improved Digital Overhead Door Status

The Door Ally product is the perfect enhancement for your high traffic commercial overhead door operator. With a clean design and easy installation, the Door Ally controller unit is designed to mount within 4 feet of the intended garage door operator with easy visual initial setup adjustments. The delay to close timer counts down the remaining time in seconds for the user to accurately monitor the door operator operation with unparalleled precision. The installer can program the delay to close timing to maximize traffic flow, minimize security risks and improve cost of ownership by reducing door strikes and wasted heating or cooling energy. The digital display will indicate when the overhead door will close time exactly, providing the countdown to the door beginning to close.

The Door Ally’s patent pending technology provides the ultimate solution for ensuring safe passage through your overhead garage door. The controller enclosure unit attaches to the overhead door operator while the display enclosure unit(s) attaches to the wall or ceiling and provides a constant visual information about all future door movements. This product can be retrofitted to existing overhead garage door openers with minimal wiring or internal operator adaption. The Door Ally Digital Display system is a great value!

Door Ally Specifications

  • Controller Dimensions: 8-3/4”H x 7-1/2”W x 1-1/2”D
  • Display Dimensions: 10”H x 17”W x 3”D
  • Power: 24 VAC 1 A from auxiliary operator transformer
  • Controller to Display Cable: 25’ CAT5 (included)
  • Controller to Operator Cable: 4’ multi-conductor low voltage included

Door Status - Ready for you.

Designed to continually inform the customer of the exact second when the open door will begin to close -- Door Ally displays “progress bars” while the door is moving in the open direction, displays OPEn when the Door is fully Open, counts down the adjustable number of seconds programed for the door to remain open before the close action begins and displays CLSE while the door is in motion to the fully closed position.

The Door Ally provides very useful information for installers and service technicians about detected obstructions in the door-closing path by showing an OBSt alert on the display for photo beam interruptions and a flashing OBSt alert for bottom edge obstructions being detected from the secondary safety device.

Door Ally provides an easy-to-read visual countdown of seconds until the door closes. When a door completed its opening cycle, it starts counting down from the time programmed by the installer and displays the number of seconds left until the door will begin to close. Ideal for use in Fire Stations, Car Dealerships, Condominiums, Warehouses, Parking Ramps, any High Traffic overhead door application. The Door Ally is a patented digital display system that pays for itself with the first avoided door strike. The Door Ally can also be delivered with digital video capture system if specified.

How a Digital Door Status Monitor Can Save Lives and Money.


A decade ago, very few garage door openers were digital. The industry was fairly static with door operators using analog devices with crude accuracy. Thanks to advances in electronics and programming, our digital display system is now revolutionizing the industry by providing a new solution for improved safety, performance and security. The Door Ally system can reduce cost of ownership expenses by decreasing insurance costs with the reduced number of accidents and more precisely controlled door Open periods for reduce utility charges.

The Door Ally system solves the age old problem of not knowing when the overhead door is going to begin to close. The product's patented technology provides an accurate measurement of the time to close delay programmed in the operator eliminating all guessing. This eliminates the need for expensive sensors on the other side of the door, as well as reducing the frequency of technicians having to come on site to properly adjust your door to your preferred delay to accommodate your specific traffic flow patterns of your customers.

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Connect with the Douglass Technologies team today so we can discuss the best solution for your high-traffic garage door conditions. For the best solution for optimum traffic flow, reduced door damage costs, building security, and comfort and convenience look no further that the digital display system of the Door Ally product. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Industry Experience
By meshing over 40 years of commercial overhead door industry experience with 50 years of electronics engineering background, Douglass Technologies has developed a highly integrated information system to increase the effectiveness of your high traffic commercial overhead door operator installations. Douglass Technologies is excited to bring this new level of operation information to the overhead door market.