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Douglass Technologies introduces Door Ally

You can count on Door Ally

Douglass Technologies’ innovative Door Ally product represents the very latest in providing commercial overhead door status to the customer with complete digital visual information of the door’s pending movements. The Door Ally product is the perfect enhancement for your high traffic Micanan overhead door operator.
“By meshing over 40 years of commercial overhead door industry experience with 50 years of electronics engineering background, Douglass Technologies has developed a highly integrated information system to increase the effectiveness of your high traffic Micanan operator installations. Douglass Technologies is excited to bring this new level of operation information to the overhead door market.”

Designed to continually inform the customer of the exact second when the open door will begin to close -- Door Ally displays OPEn while the door is moving in the open direction, Counts down the adjustable number of seconds the door remains open before the close action begins and displays CLSE while the door is in motion to the fully closed position.

The Door Ally provides very useful information for installers and service technicians about obstructions in the door-closing path by showing SAFE for interruptions of the photo beam and flashing SAFE for bottom edge obstructions being detected from the secondary safety device.


Door Ally is designed to be resilient, capable of recovering from power interruptions and smart enough to automatically reset the selected time delay in starting the door closing operation.

The benefit of combining Door Ally with the Micanan Overhead door operator is fewer damaged doors needing costly repairs, less door openings stuck open, lower insurance premiums and reduced security risks. You will improve traffic flow in and out of your building due to the constant communication provided by Door Ally.

“Micanan is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Douglass Technologies and the new Door Ally. By seamlessly combining your high-traffic Micanan operator with a highly visible door status, Door Ally greatly reduces the chance of accidental damage to your door system. This combination of improved safety, cost savings and decreased downtime will benefit all users."
Consider the average commercial sectional door is damaged 3 times in 10 years with repair cost of $1,575 for each incident, for a rolling steel door damaged 3 times in 10 years, at an average repair cost of $2,750.

Install the Door Ally today and start eliminating overhead door repair costs. Just one prevented repair and the Door Ally more than pays for itself. Begin protecting your high traffic door systems now with Door Ally.

Fewer door repair expenses, fewer doors stuck open,
better traffic flow, better security for Users.
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